Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Typical Girl Playlist

To start off, I'm going to take this moment to warn you that for the duration of this post, I will fully embrace the fact that I'm a teenager of the female variety who is mostly ruled by hormones. Which is my snotty way of saying I'm a chick and I'm about to act like one so brace yourself. :)

Believe me when I say all girls out there, or most of them, have a playlist or some artist they listen to when they are feeling particularly mushy or lovey. Its just like having a Sad playlist, or a Sleepytime playlist except this one, is filled with your typical love songs and usually either end up in feelings of longing and/or bliss. We're girls, we like the romance. (Even those who don't have a soft side ;) )

Today, I'm going to personally walk you through some highlights of whats on my version of this playlist. Unsurprisingly titled Lovesick. ;D (Note: Not in any particular order.)

1. I Miss You - Blink 182
So I'm not going to get into the details of what this song is about because if you look at the title, it's pretty obvious. Suffice it to say, I listen to this song whenever I miss Aaron or haven't seen him in a while. The lyrics may not be the best representation of what I'm feeling, but the tone and melody of the song hits it right on the head. Hence, the 5 gazillion repeats of it back in the summer when we were on opposite sides of the country.

2. Nicest Thing - Kate Nash
I don't actually know how popular Kate Nash is in my area so if you haven't heard this song, get on youtube and check her out, specifically this song. Two details, 1. By the looks of it, our lovely Ms. Nash is in the friend zone and 2. Little things in love are huge. Some key lyrics, "I wish you had a favorite beauty spot", "I wish that you knew when I said two sugars, actually I meant three.", "I wish that without me you'd be spending the rest of your nights awake." There's something extremely personal in the things that she describes and I find myself longing for what she is longing for. Mainly wishing for that level of intimacy that she's describing. Give it a listen, see if you feel the same way.

3.Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
Couldn't have a love playlist without this song. My original attraction to this one was the cheesy lyrics about missing someone and the line "The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly." Cue the "aww"s. But the real reason for Vanilla Twilight being here is slightly more personal. Being three time zones away for 6 weeks can lead to some serious withdrawal for people. But reminding the other that they're missed is a comfort of sorts. In relation to Vanilla Twilight, saying, "I finally understand it." is one of the best things that has even been said to me. You know who you are ;)

4. Warm Whispers - Missy Higgins
I'm a cuddler. I freaking love it. And nothing presents a better image of being close to someone than this song. Once again, this song might not be as well known as others, so go check it out. :) Cuddles... Yeah..

5. Honey and the Bee - Owl City
Oh look! Owl City is back :D One of his newer songs that is filled with cheesy goodness! I just love the shy awkwardness of it. Tis adorable and couldn't not be on this playlist. "But if I reached for your hand, would your eyes get wide?" Nuff said.

6. Medley: Beautiful Girls/Stand By Me - Boyce Avenue Acoustic Sessions
Every girl wants to be thought of as beautiful. And to be sung about. And hey! This satisfies both. And the awesomeness of finishing on Stand By Me means this song is a winwinwin.

7. Don't You - Darren Criss
If you haven't heard this sweet, sweet melody go and fix that now. Try this lyric for example, "There's a thought so how 'bout this, let's pretend that both our lips are made of candy, afterall we need sweet every now and then." Gahhhhhh. Love it. The acoustic guitar matched with Darren's voice makes it impossible to resist.

There's 8 more songs on Lovesick, but they're classics only worth mentioning, not necessarily elaborating on. The Only Exception by Paramore, I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Deathcab for Cutie, Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's among others.

So I hope this was entertaining or at least informative. To all girls out there, I hope I added to your lists, and to guys, a piece of advice. Find out whats on your SO's playlist. Songs they listen to will tell you more than any romcom.

Thank you and Good Night!

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